Model United Nations – Porto, Brianna Beer´s Testimonial

On 27th February the delegation from Chester College set off for Porto to attend our very first Model United Nations conference. The conference, a replica of the real United Nations, was due to be attended by hundreds of students from all over Europe.

Three days later, our delegates had attempted to solve some of the most important issues in today’s global world. One of our delegates, Brianna Beers, tells us about her experience:

What were your expectations before the event?

I thought it would be very formal, and that everyone there would be in their late teens, about to graduate high school, and very serious about the entire event. I was quite nervous, but at the same time excited to meet people from other countries and to expand my knowledge on the topics given to us.


I researched my country, Tunisia, adequately, I didn’t have to have papers upon papers of information, but it was good to have some background information just to know about the overall attitude of your country. I also prepared clauses and suggestions for each of the topics given to me. And of course, I bought formal clothing for the event, as I didn’t bring any from America.

First impressions

It was very crowded and loud and I felt like a fish out of water. There were so many people that it was a little overwhelming – you feel like you’re the only one freaking out, but trust me you’re not – some people are just better at hiding it.

What was the most interesting thing about the event?

Definitely the first days’ debates and meeting/listening to the other delegates. It was really cool to meet people from other countries and just talk to them, and the debates are always interesting, and sometimes even funny, everyone there wants to make the event as fun as possible, so something weird always happens.

What did you learn at the event?

I think I grew more confident in my public speaking skills, as well as my problem solving. Every time someone would go to the stage and present a clause or idea, I would write down a suggestion or idea or question that I could ask or tell them, and that definitely made me feel better throughout the event.

Would you like to attend again in the future?

Yes. I would very much like to do a similar event to this in the future, and I think I will try to organize one at my school in America. I think next time I would try to suggest a clause (to be debated) and speak to more people.

It was an experience that I will never forget.

Brianna is currently in Grade 9 at Chester College. She is spending a year studying abroad in Spain to improve her Spanish and experience living in a different culture.


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