Autumn at Chester College, in Santiago de Compostela, Spain!

With the arrival of Autumn comes many new opportunities and experiences. Seeing the leaves turn red and gold on the trees, roasting the first chestnuts of the season, enjoying the sunrise on a crisp, autumn day….

At Chester College we are surrounded by nature, and are therefore constantly reminded of the passing of the seasons. As September melts away into October and November, memories of those first few days of swimming in the outdoor pool and eating al fresco under the grapevines quickly fade, to be replaced by new delights. There are so many great aspects of autumn at Chester! To mention just a few:

  • Lighting the fire in the atrium for the first time 
  • Enjoying the change from salads to warming lentil stews and broths at lunch
  • Seeing the beauty of the spider webs as they glisten with dew in the early morning sun
  • The children arriving at school with their brightly coloured rain jackets

The change in seasons also provides a great opportunity for themed work in class. The Kindergarten class have had great fun learning about all the autumn related vocabulary, whilst the Primary class are enjoying learning about the science behind the seasons. All the students in Kinder and Primary then had the chance to go outside to explore the changes hands on! They had a fantastic afternoon gathering chestnuts and admiring all the colours on the trees. There were plenty to go around, and everyone went home with their own bag of chestnuts to share with their families!