Chester College International School

A big family dedicated heart and soul to the mission of educating

Our school can initially cater for students with different levels of English and Spanish, or no Spanish at all, and gradually aim at a bilingual 50:50 curriculum, depending on the student’s grade upon school arrival, as well as his or her objectives and expectations.

Our credentials

We are an official school authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Education (Official Gazette, 1987) and the Regional Government of Galicia to teach at all levels from Early Learning to Grade 12 in US nomenclature.

Credits can be transferred directly under both the Spanish and US education systems in any year of schooling.

Provided that they meet the academic requirements set, students who complete Grade 12 (Year 2 of Bachillerato in the Spanish system) receive dual qualifications: the US High School Diploma and the Spanish Bachiller.

The College is accredited by the US accreditation agency COGNIA.

Chester College is an official examination center for The College BoardTM for university access exams (AP, SAT) in the USA for our own students and those from other schools.

We have also been an official examination center for Trinity College London since 1991, and are an active member of the Mediterranean Association of International Schools (MAIS).

  • Chester College International School
  • Clase de Educación Infantil - lectura

Working languages

Our main working languages are English and Spanish. The percentage of teaching in each one varies from one stage of education to another and depending on the level of fluency of students in each language.

The school encourages and works on bilingualism throughout schooling from the Early Learning stage onwards, but a lack of fluency in one language or the other is rarely an obstacle when it comes to admitting a student in any year (via individual learning support programs if needed).

By applying a high degree of mentoring and personalized attention, we strive to optimize students' time at Chester College from the year when they join us, in terms of both language fluency and other areas of study.

4 pillars of our educational project

Personalized Education

This is a theoretical concept which is made real thanks to two essential characteristics of the school:

  • Small groups averaging fewer than 12 students per classroom, thus making it easier for teachers to get to know each individual student's strengths and areas for improvement and guide them in their learning process, setting high, motivational expectations for each one in terms of effort and achievement.
  • An enthusiastic faculty and admin staff who put their hearts and souls into the mission of educating, in a desire to work as a team and share and compare learning methods based on the concern that each student should grow intellectually and in terms of personal and human values.

The school encourages parents to play an active role, and strives for consistency in criteria at school and at home.

Facilitating elements: progress reports, learning newsletters and regular tutorials in a context of continuous student assessment.

Integrated US/Spanish Curriculum

The project is centered on a rigorous, flexible, stimulating program of studies with credits fully transferable to the Spanish system year by year.

Intensive preparation for university entrance examinations in Spain and/or elsewhere.

We encourage our students to opt for science, using an active approach based on inquiry and observation.

We work transversally on critical thinking, communication skills (written and oral) and creativity.

We strive to spark and develop a love for learning in students as an attitude that keeps them active and awake, interested, and involved in the world that will surround them for the rest of their lives.

Curricular equivalencies
Healthy, Happy Students

We want the school to be a welcoming place where students feel happy and safe as they learn and deploy their abilities.

  • Education in values: We are committed to humanist Christian-Catholic values. We stress respect, the desire to better oneself, cooperation, solidarity, and responsibility to oneself and to others.A Catholic education is offered, but the school naturally welcomes students from a wide range of cultures and religious beliefs.
  • Nature: We are lucky enough to have a school set in woodland. There are green fields where students can play, share and relax.
  • Sport: mens sana in corpore sano: There are outdoor Physical Education classes almost every day of the week.
  • Food: All food served at the school is prepared in our own kitchen using top-quality, fresh ingredients sourced locally as far as possible.
  • Music, drama, effective communication: These are sources of enjoyment and fabulous resources that the school uses regularly to reinforce oral expression, teamwork, self-confidence, etc.
A passion for languages

Languages are truly enriching!

They greatly increase opportunities for friendship, networks of contacts, knowledge, and travel.

At the school we are well aware of how much of an advantage it gives if we can make full use of the Early Learning and Primary stages to get children to acquire language skills and perfect their pronunciation naturally as their brains develop.

We strive for bilingualism in Spanish and English, and provide catch-up classes when necessary.

We also offer German as an optional foreign language from Primary onwards, with classes in normal school hours.

Other languages can be offered as extracurricular activities if families are interested.

All language classes are taught by native speakers of the language in question.

A history of success in University entrance examinations

Many of our students wish to attend university in Spain, or at least to have the option of doing so. Preparing them thoroughly for the EBAU university entrance exam (formerly known as Selectividad) is therefore a priority for us.

Our students generally sit the EBAU run by the UNED (National University for Distance Education).

We can proudly boast a 95% pass rate, with excellent grades in many cases. This figure is based on results for the last 15 years.

We also have an excellent track record in US university entrance exams (SAT, AP).

We offer specific preparation for students who wish to attend university in the USA or elsewhere in Europe.

A high percentage of our students go on to university in Spain, but a very significant proportion increasingly opt to study elsewhere. Some have obtained academic excellence scholarships at renowned British and US universities.

  • Dos alumnos en obra de teatro en Chester College
  • Dos alumnos en el laboratorio del colegio.

Our student's learning objectives

  • To achieve a firm grounding in all academic spheres – sciences, arts and technology – through an internationally recognized study program, assisting entry into courses of higher education and into the world of work in any country.
  • To reach a high level of linguistic proficiency in mainly Spanish and English, as an indispensable means of international communication and understanding.
  • To achieve a solid appreciation of the linguistic and cultural heritages of Spain and Galicia.
  • To achieve greater educational depth and develop higher order thinking, through the inclusion of new subjects and learning strategies.
  • To develop self-motivation towards learning as well as diligence and sound study skills and habits.
  • To reach autonomy, self-direction and accountability in the students’ learning process.
  • To develop initiative and creativity through the search for answers and solutions to new situations.
  • To achieve a healthy physical condition through age-adjusted physical education.
  • To advance in local and global understanding, recognizing the values and needs of all countries.
  • To instill a life-long love of learning


The college building, dating from 1984, stands in spacious grounds surrounded by woodland, on a hilltop with views of Pico Sacro and the start of the Ulla Valley, 4km away from Santiago de Compostela's city centre. It has eight classrooms, a central hall, a science laboratory, an art room, a music room, a library, two football fields, a tennis/basketball court, and an outdoor pool.

Chester College International School
Chester College International School
Chester Collegae International School
Chester College International School
Chester Collegae International School
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Education Levels

Clase de Educación Infantil - lectura
Early Learning Setting the foundations for learning.

Making learning fun!

  • We learn English and Spanish in a natural, progressive way (60:40 ratio).
  • We always work in small groups, which allow us to know each other well and get a lot of individual attention.
  • We have weekly music and musical instrument lessons (violin from age 5) and visual arts classes.
  • We have daily Sport sessions and play outdoors in natural surroundings every day.
Chester College International School
Primary Education Developing thinking, knowledge, and skills.

We are receptive and open to the world, and are interested in everything

  • We work on language skills, reading and writing in English and Spanish with a 60:40 ratio. Extra help is available in either language for anyone who needs it. Additional foreign language tuition offered (German, French).
  • We work in small groups: I receive a great deal of individual attention to help me develop in the things that I am good at and provide me with support in those that I find harder.
  • We love science: We observe, we experiment; we discover technology and robotics.
  • We learn to express ourselves and communicate clearly through music, art, drama, etc.
  • We have German lessons.
  • We have outdoor sports almost every day of the week.
  • We have friends in class from other countries.
Chester College International School
Middle School Extending the knowledge base and forming character and skills.

At this time of changes, I feel supported and motivated as I learn.

  • Target: a sound academic grounding, with growing interest and motivation in the various areas of study.
  • Main working languages: Approx. 50:50 Spanish/English. The precise ratio may vary depending on the personal circumstances of each student. Additional foreign language tuition offered (German, French).
  • Personalized attention for each student: Continual monitoring and monthly progress reports.
  • We work actively on learning routines and tidiness, and on gradually developing autonomy.
  • There is transversal emphasis on effective expression and communication skills: public speaking, music, art, etc.
  • Technology is used in class for educational purposes. A consensus is reached with families on use for recreational purposes (which we suggest be highly limited).
  • Varied daily Sports program.
  • A multicultural setting that broadens horizons.
Chester College International School
High School Consolidating our grounding and attitudes.

There's a whole world waiting for us out there!

  • Target: To consolidate knowledge and attitudes. Strategic preparation for the various university entrance exams (EBAU, SAT, APs).
  • Main working languages: Approx. 50:50 Spanish/English.Depending on the student’s university goals, and the university-entrance tests to be prepared, the number of subjects taught through English or Spanish may be increased.
  • Personalized attention for each student: Continual monitoring and monthly progress reports.
  • We work actively on learning routines and tidiness, and on developing autonomy.
  • Emphasis on effective expression and communication skills.
  • Varied Sports program.
  • A multicultural setting that broadens horizons.
Relevant Information

School hours

In Early Learning and Primary Education, school hours go from 09:20 to 16:40.
In Middle & High School, school hours extend from 09:20 to 17:40.
Extracurricular activities may stretch up to 18:30.

Lunch is included in the school day. The School has its own kitchen and chef, and all meals (2 courses and dessert) are cooked daily onsite, using fresh, local ingredients.
Lunch menus are sent to families at the beginning of the month.
We cater for students with special diets prescribed by a doctor, or on religious grounds.
Chester College additionally provides a morning snack for all students at break time
(normally a small sandwich or a piece of fruit).

School uniform
There is a school uniform, which can be purchased locally
(details to follow upon school registration).

Admissions The admission period for school year 2024-25 is now open! Provided there are places, and in order to assist families moving to the Santiago area, the School accepts ongoing applications throughout the year.

If you would like to come and see the school or receive more information, please phone us or complete the Contact form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Admission RequirementsThe Admissions Department will revise every Admission request individually, and take into consideration both the prospective student’s school transcript and his/her individual motivations.

Applications are accepted from students with no Spanish. A minimum intermediate English level (B2) is required.
  • 1. Complete the contact form: You can do this via the Contact section or by clicking here
  • 2. We will contact you by email or phone to answer your queries and so that you can tell us a little bit more about the prospective student or student’s.
  • 3. Come and see the school: If you like, we can set up a face-to-face, telephone or online meeting with the Admissions Department.

    Prior to this meeting, we would expect to receive a scanned copy of the student’s latest final school transcript as well as the most recent termly school report. Non-English native speakers should also ideally provide an English-level certificate (a B2 would be the minimum required for High School). If the student does not have a language certificate, language level will be assessed via a brief interview and through internal tests, if required.

    A second meeting will be arranged with the prospective student or students, if they were not present in the first Admissions meeting.
  • 4. Offer of a place: Within 2 weeks we will contact you to let you know whether we can offer the place(s) requested.
  • 5. Confirmation & reservation of places: Families then have 2 weeks formally to confirm their acceptance of the place(s) offered.

    Formal acceptance entails completing the registration form (which will be sent to you) and paying the deposit to reserve a place for the year. The school reserves the right to withdraw its offer if these steps are not completed in due time. A number of academic and personal files will be finally requested to open the student’s personal school file: these may be submitted at any point during the student’s first term at school.
Our fees

Click here to download our rates.

Would you like to explore this option further? We encourage you to get in touch
with our Admissions Team by filling in the Contact Form in the link below.

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