We are Chester College International School

A big family with a mission to educate

The values that represent us as a school are:

  • Personalized education with ample time dedicated to each student.
  • An integrated US/Spanish curriculum.
  • A passion for languages: Intensive English/Spanish courses suited to different fluency levels. Tuition of additional foreign languages.
  • Our concern for all-round education: We are committed to Christian-Catholic, humanist values and strive to ensure that our students are healthy and happy.
  • Our fine track record of success in the Spanish EBAU and other university access exams (SAT, AP).
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Our history Anchored in our reality. Our sights set on the world.

The school was founded by Juan Pías and Dolores Peleteiro in 1985.

The college building dates from 1984 and was designed by architect César Portela. It is located on a hilltop which was probably once occupied by a pre-Roman encampment, which led to it being named Chester (from the Old English ceaster). From the outset its educational project was markedly international, and indeed it was the first international school in the Spanish region of Galicia.