This is what they say about our school

We are very grateful for all the testimonials that you send us, year after year, and that help other families to make the decision to leave their children in our hands.

“I was an international student at Chester College for two years. My overall experience was very good. There is just a very lovely atmosphere here.The food is particularly good! I spoke almost no Spanish when I arrived – it soared over two years. I’ve just finished my final exams, I don’t know my marks yet but I overall trust everything went great, so thank you very much to this place they helped me to prepare, and now I’m off to a new phase, a new life, and university. Yes: thanks a lot to Chester College”.
Artem Baglikov, Russia. Class of 2020. Psychology undergraduate at the University of Valencia.
“The Summer Camp has been a fantastic experience for our daughter. This was her first year, but we will be back for sure!”.
Mónica G., mother de Noa O.
“The trust we felt from the members of staff and the kids’ joy every evening when they returned home more than justifies the investment”.
S. Díaz, mother of Salvador and Santiago Z.
“My 3 children very much enjoyed their experience in Chester; we also see it as an opportunity for them to make new acquaintances and to strengthen their social skills”.
Arancha P., mother of Jairo, Leo and Gabriel R.
“This is our son’s second year in Chester College’s Summer Camp, and we are thrilled. I would mention various highlights about the program: a foreign language immersion context right beside our doorstep, the varied Sports and activities, but foremost, the loving care and concern towards every participant. We have felt pure peace of mind and overall, very satisfied with the work carried out by the school’s amazing team. The youngest member of our family clearly enjoys it more and more every year! The Camp finished barely 2 days ago, and he is already making summer plans for 2020!”.
Rosa D., mother of Hugo L. Santiago de Compostela.
“Two of our children participated in this year’s English Summer Program edition. One of them was not too convinced. Both had a fantastic time every single day. In fact, the day after it finished there were already talking about next year”.
Isabel T., mother of Pablo and Lucía M.
“Our 15- and 16-year-old daughters have really enjoyed themselves from the first moment. After two days they were regretting not having signed up to go to the camp for the full month. They have made friends from different countries who they have kept in touch with, and it was a really enriching experience”.
Ana N., mother to Ana and Sara G.
“The experience has been really positive, with a good balance of classes and other activities for the children, combined with great excursions that are well planned and executed. I want to thank the dedication and attention which the management team, the teachers and the monitors have given throughout the camp to the kids”.
Teresa M. G., mother of Iria P.
“This summer we sent our daughter to Chester College, and it was a 10 out of 10, as much for her as for us! She will definitely be attending again next year. Many thanks for everything!”.
Olga G., mother of Olga N.
“It was an absolutely positive experience, both from the point of view of English language academic development, which is currently so necessary for the development of any activity whatsoever, and from a personal development standpoint. My two children will repeat the experience with no hesitation – thank you!”.
Marta C., mother of César and Oscar S.
“As Sergio’s parents, we decided to send our son to Chester English Summer Camp, not only because of all the activities that are delivered in English, but also because we valued the unique and different aspects that this camp offered compared to others. As well as doing sports such as horse riding, kayaking, and surfing (to name a few) and the excursions to places of interest, the thing that sets this camp apart is that they develop the qualities of each one of the students and adapt their methods to each child. The best demonstration of these is the impressive musicals that they prepared in just one month, in which it was clear to see how well the children worked together and how much hard work they had put in - my child’s dedication was amazing. As a result of this experience my son has matured and learnt how to share and work with other people. He’s been with a big family, surrounded by a team which has given him a lot of care and attention in a comfortable, natural, and dynamic environment. Many thanks to everyone; the Director, the monitors, the teachers, the cooks and the whole team for creating this enriching and well-rounded programme - thank you so much for your dedication”.
Mari Luz S., mother of Sergio E.
“This has been my daughter´s second summer at Chester College´s Summer Camp. I think that if a child wants to repeat an experience, that is already a positive sign. She really enjoyed it: her new friends, the many outings…, she had lots of fun. And as a mother, I feel very much at ease leaving her there. I know the children are very protected and taken care of, and that I have direct contact with Chester´s stall if there's anything I need”.
Eva Mª, mother of Candela V.
“Today is the last day that our son will be with you, and I want to let you know how satisfied we are with your work. It has been a really positive experience which we will definitely repeat. Thank you to the whole team”.
Susana C., mother of Carlo M.
“I totally recommend Chester English Summer Programme. It was the first summer camp that my daughter had attended and the teacher’s attention and dedication towards her helped her a lot. We believe it was an excellent experience”.
Begoña M., mother of Carmen B.
“I fully recommend this summer camp to everyone that asks about it. With everything that they do and learn the price is absolutely justified. Our children’s improvement in English during the three consecutive years they have attended has been incredible, and their confidence and fluency has been achieved (amongst other things) thanks to taking part in the drama and theater. Our children have learnt all their English thanks to the whole team in a totally relaxed and fun way - they even love their classes! Yago is currently studying in the British Council institute without any problem at all. For the children it’s the highlight of the year, and we use it as a reward and incentive for their hard work during the school year. Congratulations and please continue your work - we still have many years together!”.
Natacha L., mother of Yago, Nacho & Mencía H.
“We are really pleased with how much our daughter enjoyed the camp. There is an excellent atmosphere, enjoyment, learning, motivation, sports activities, cultural trips and an excellent group of children and teachers”.
Mercedes P., mother of Sofía C.
“We left our daughter Adriana in the summer camp for 15 days, with a few doubts about whether she would be happy or not, as it was the first time that she would be away from home for so long and she hardly knew anyone. From the first day the experience was incredible - she made loads of friends and was happy all the time! We’ve been able to see her progress with English, and she is very keen to attend the camp again. She took part in lots of activities and her English fluency after the camp is excellent. It was definitely a great choice! Thanks so much to the whole team for making everyone feel like a family!”.
Adriana O., mother of Adriana V.
“I´d like to congratulate you for this year's summer camp. My daughter went in in tears because she basically didn't want to go (fear of the new experience, sleeping away from home, the singing, and the dancing) and she came back home in tears because she didn't want to leave! She is talking about Chester College all the time and she's crazy about returning next year. She admits that 1 month is the perfect stay and that 2 weeks was too short. Congratulations to the management for this ever so interesting and innovative program and to the team behind the organization of such a magnificent experience. Thank you so much, and a special hug to Ms Veiga. My daughter talks about her at all times. Her joy, dynamism and leadership helped my daughter feel a part of the family, considering she joined the program half-way”.
Monica P., mother of Eva Luna S.
“Very professional and family-like at the same time: as parents we were assured that our child was in excellent hands. It’s the most fun way to achieve a good level of English”.
Martha C., mother of Oscar and Cesar S. Madrid, Spain.
“In addition to learning English, the students feel part of a team and take part in all of the activities, without anyone feeling left out”.
Dolores B., mother of Elisa and Higinio R.