Welcome to Chester College International School!

Galicia's first international school
We are an international school offering all educational stages from Early Learning to High School, as well as language immersion summer programs.
Chester College International School


Boarding for High-School students during the school year. A family atmosphere conducive to study.

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Summer Camps

Language immersion in July: Intensive learning and fun. Options: day & boarding. Ages 3 to 17.

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We are Chester College International School

Chester College is an educational community made up of teachers, students, and their families, with a firm commitment: to accompany every student throughout their development and learning process, offering education and values that provide a grounding for their academic future, their careers, and their lives as human beings in today's world.

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The Chester College Blog

Read the latest posts from the college and keep up to date with all the news and information.

Chester's blog
10 reasons why you should go for Chester College's language immersion Summer Camps 28/02/2022

Below are ten reasons (we could mention moew!) why you will not be getting it wrong If you choose to join one of our international summer programs. See you in Chester! – Not in England though, but in the heart of Galicia, Spain. 1.  EXPERIENCE. Pioneers in Spain in language immersion programmes since 1985. 2.  […]

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The importance of Music in children's education - Interview to Ms Victoria Jericó 30/01/2022

Why does our school attach so much importance to music? We interviewed Ms. Victoria Jericó, Music and violin teacher at Chester College. Her answers help us understand what happens in her classes (both outside and inside: in the bodies of each one of our children) and highlight the importance of musical education. I: Music is […]

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