Advent & Christmas in Chester College

A new Christmas Day is around the corner! And also a new year! 2020!

In Chester College we have been preparing for and celebrating Advent during the past 3 weeks: decorating the school, putting up the Christmas tree and the school’s Nativity scene, reflecting upon the original meaning of Christmas in class, rehearsing carols…

Last Saturday, December 14, we had our traditional Christmas Concert. The students did a fantastic performance of the Musical “A Dazzling Nativity”, led by the Drama teacher, Ms Sinead Smith, alongside some lead classroom teachers. It tells the story of a varied group of individuals who set off on a journey (as so many of us so all the time) and end of being led by a bright star to that special discovery you might have guessed by now: that revelation, that child who embodying a story of love and hope.

After the Musical, a repertoire of carols in Spanish, English, Galician and French was sung, and a number of pieces played by a group of Primary Ed. Students with their violins.

Some of the songs were also sung in various local nurseries and senior citizen homes, and also in our local hospital’s school, in the course of the last week of school this term. Joy needs to be shared! And each and every one of us can do so much with so little.

The staff and students of Chester College International School wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas and a blessed entrance to 2020.