On “The Secrets of Overseas Admissions”: talk by Dr. Monica Rude

In the final years of a student’s High School education, students are expected to start trying to qualify for universities. Unfortunately, many students have never been taught about college applications, how they work, or how one qualifies for them. For this reason, some schools invite experts of the field to come to schools to inform students about the topic. This is an action that aims to allow the students to have more information about these applications and how they work.

For this same reason, Dr. Monica Rude, Director of College Wise, Palo Alto, came to Chester College on May 12 to talk to the students and help them with the problems that they might have in relation to college applications. By means of her talk at Chester College, Dr. Rude gave the students a clearer view of their future college applications. She was able to give information about different types of universities, mostly concentrating on the English-speaking world. On one hand, Dr. Rude talked about the different standardized tests and external exams that students are required to take in order to apply to universities. In addition, she explained the importance of taking classes that demonstrate that a student has challenged his or herself, such as Advanced Placement courses. She advised the students to not only take the classes they feel comfortable with, but also show universities that they are able to take on new obstacles. On the other hand, Dr. Rude gave the students tips on how to stand out in the application process. She began by explaining how to write a strong application essay, or personal statement in the case of the UK, and continued by suggesting that students participate in a variety of extracurricular activities.

Furthermore, Dr. Rude informed the students about the differences and similarities between universities in the United States and universities in the UK. One of the most important details that she pointed out was that while in the U.S. they look for students that demonstrate abilities all-around, in the UK they prefer students that make a connection between their extracurricular activities and their major. Moreover, she explained that in order to apply to universities in the UK, students must use a tool called UCAS, which sends a student´s application to up to five universities chosen by the student. After Dr. Rude completed her presentation, she proposed that the students ask questions which she tried to answer as clearly as possible. Students asked about scholarships, university accommodation, specific entry requirements, etc…

By the end of the talk, students felt very motivated to follow their passions, aim high and keep trying to go to university. Dr. Rude emphasised the importance of not giving up since there are universities for everyone. In addition, she inspired students to believe in themselves even if they did not get the best grades on external exams or if they did not have all “A’s” on their report cards. Finally, she suggested that students email her if they have any more questions and that they keep working hard to be able to acquire a degree in the subject they love the most.

– Mateo López and Alejandra Amaro