Maria Meijide, profesora del taller de creatividad impartido en 2023 en Chester College.

Creativity Workshop by Artist Maria Meijide

Between April and June of this school year 2022-23, students from Grades 7 to 9 (Middle School)  enjoyed a weekly workshop led by the Compostela artist María Meijide ( in which the following techniques were addressed specifically but also in a joint (not compartmental) way:

  • The notion of SPOT, (with exercises of blurring, fading, dark light).
  • The notion of TEXTURE (with exercises of different stripes).
  • The notion of BACKGROUND/FORM (with exercises in reverse and white on black).
  • The notion of WEIGHT (with exercises in ink and oriental calligraphy).
  • The notion of COLOUR (with watercolor and rotring exercises).

The sessions were often supported by videos and/or short animation films, graffiti, sand drawing, etc.

In the words of María Meijide: "I try to maintain a playful tone in my classes but at the same time generate an atmosphere of concentration, the concentration of play, which I believe is one of the keys to creativity. I especially insist that the students explore new techniques and formats and dare to take on challenges, which they sometimes find difficult to begin with, but in the end they obtain very good results".

The workshop ended with an exhibition of work, which was shown to families on 20 June, coinciding with the Secondary and Baccalaureate End of Year Festival. We have incredible artists amongst us! (We all are!, their teacher would say, righlty).

Thank you, Maria! See you soon!