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International English Summer Program

¨It was an amazing experience dad...¨ One can see the passion the organization has in order to make everything perfect for the good of our children.

Roberto F, father of Noela F. July 2020.

This summer camp was a pleasant surprise for us. We registered our 8 year old so that he could have his first English immersion experience, but we encountered something that went far beyond language, as they spent their time practicing different sports and artistic activities. The installations are perfect for doing all of these activities outdoors and the exterior space of the school resembles a forest. Our son was delighted to participate and we will definitely repeat next year.

Maria G., mother of Nilo C. July 2020.

When camp ends, they are ready to come back for the next year. They learn English and they ALL participate in the myriad of activities that are organized.

Dolores B., mother of Elisa and Higinio R. July 2020.

My goodness, such wonderful memories… I feel I am left without the right words to thank you for everything you have done for our son Mario. He has just passed the Modular First (B2) test at school and this summer he will do the Interrail experience in Central Europe. Needless to say I will continue recommending your programs amongst all our friends.

Juan G., father de Mario G. Vigo, Spain. February 2020.

Our son participated in 2018 and 2019’ Camp editions. Both were unforgettable life experiences for him. Language lessons, teachers, the boarding house, Pilar’s food, the various activities and trips… were conversation topics throughout the entire year. Wonderful memories that will remain engrained in his mind and heart forever. Cannot wait till next summer. A 10/10 to the entire team.

Mirta R., mother de Rodrigo M. Vigo, Spain. July 2019.

One more year, our daughter has enjoyed an unbeatable month of July, surrounded by friends day and night, Sports, English and outdoor life. We will come back next year, without a doubt.

Olga N., mother of Olga N. A Coruña, Spain. July 2019.

My son is a 13-year old teenager. Before Camp start he was angry at life. A couple of days after it started I began to notice joy and happiness in his tone of voice over the phone. His dad and myself cannot be happier at this; it is the best that could have happened to us. My son already sees Chester College’s family as his second home and he is already going on and on about next year. We want to truly thanks the school’s team: Management, teachers, monitors, chef, helpers… I do not want to leave anyone out. My thanks also goes to all the children and young people who participated in the Camp this year and helped my son Anxo have the summer of his life. He is now at home with us and we feel he has gained so much and is so happy, that we cannot but over-thank you. We encourage all parents to get to experience Chester College , they will not regret it when they see how much their children benefit. Thanks a mil once again.

Lidia O., mother of Anxo F. Boiro, Spain. July 2019.

The Summer Camp has been a fantastic experience for our daughter. This was her first year but we will be back for sure!

Mónica G., mother de Noa O. Santiago de Compostela. July 2019.

The trust we felt from the members of staff and the kids’s joy every evening when they returned home more than justifies the investment.

S. Díaz, mother of Salvador and Santiago Z. Santiago de Compostela. July 2019.

My 3 children very much enjoyed their experience in Chester; we also see it an an opportunity for them to make new acquaintances and to strengthen their social skills.

Arancha P., mother of Jairo, Leo and Gabriel R. Villagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra). July 2019.

This is our son’s second year in Chester College’s Summer Camp and we are thrilled. I would mention various highlights about the program: a foreign language immersion context right beside our doorstep, the varied Sports and activities, but foremost, the loving care and concern towards every participant. We have felt pure peace of mind and overall very satisfied with the work carried our by the school’s amazing team. The youngest member of our family clearly enjoys it more and more every year! The Camp finished barely 2 days ago and he is already making summer plans for 2020!

Rosa D., mother of Hugo L. Santiago de Compostela. July 2019.

Two of our children participated in this year’s English Summer Program edition. One of them was not too convinced. Both had a fantastic time every single day. In fact, the day after it finished there were already talking about next year.

Isabel T., mother of Pablo and Lucía M. Santiago de Compostela. July 2019.

Our 15 and 16 year old daughters have really enjoyed themselves from the first moment. After two days they were regretting not having signed up to go to the camp for the full month. They have made friends from different countries who they have kept in touch with, and it was a really enriching experience.

Ms Ana N., mother to Ana and Sara G. Ferrol, Spain. July 2018.

I wanted to thank ALL the team at Chester College who have treated Juan Manuel so well during his time at the Summer Camp 2018. His stories at home fill us with happiness, and also makes us proud as we know that sending him was the best decision which we could have taken. He’s already asking to go back next year. We are more than happy to help with anything that you might need here. Greetings to everyone from our little corner of the world!

Mr Pablo G., mother of Juan Manuel G. Ciudad de la Costa, Uruguay. July 2018.

This summer we sent our daughter to Chester College, and it was a 10 out of 10, as much for her as for us! She will definitely be attending again next year. Many thanks for everything!

Ms Olga G., mother of Olga N. A Coruña, Spain. July 2018.

Candela’s experience has been getting better and better every year. During this, her third year, she asked voluntarily to stay another week. She learns a lot and has even more fun.

Ms Eva Maria G., mother of Candela V. Pontevedra, Spain. Camp editions attended: 2014, 2015, 2018.

The experience has been really positive, with a good balance of classes and other activities for the children, combined with great excursions that are well planned and executed. I want to thank the dedication and attention which the management team, the teachers and the monitors have given throughout the camp to the kids.

Ms Teresa M G., mother of Iria P. Barcelona, Spain. July 2018.

We are really pleased with how much our daughter enjoyed the camp. There is an excellent atmosphere, enjoyment, learning, motivation, sports activities, cultural trips and an excellent group of children and teachers.

Ms Mercedes P., mother of Sofía C. Camp editions attended: 2014 to 2018.

Today is the last day that our son will be with you and I want to let you know how satisfied we are with your work. It has been a really positive experience which we will definitely repeat. Thank you to the whole team.

Ms Susana C., mother of Carlo M. July 2018.

Very professional and like a family - as parents we were assured that our child was in excellent hands. It’s the most fun way to achieve a good level of English.

Ms Martha C., mother of Óscar and Cesar S. Madrid, Spain. Both attended Chester´s summer programes in 2017 and 2018.

As the parents of Sergio, we decided to send our son to Chester English Summer Camp, not only because of all the activities that are delivered in English, but also because we valued the unique and different aspects that this camp offered compared to others. As well as doing sports such as horse riding, kayaking and surfing (to name a few) and the excursions to places of interest, the thing that sets this camp apart is that they develop the qualities of each one of the students and adapt their methods to each child. The best demonstration of these is the impressive musicals that they prepared in just one month, in which it was clear to see how well the children worked together and how much hard work they had put in - my child’s dedication was amazing. As a result of this experience my son has matured and learnt how to share and work with other people. He’s been with a big family, surrounded by a team which has given him a lot of care and attention in a comfortable, natural and dynamic environment. Many thanks to everyone; the Director , the monitors, the teachers, the cooks and the whole team for creating this enriching and well rounded programme - thank you so much for your dedication.

Ms Mari Luz S., mother of Sergio E. Vigo, Spain. Camp editions attended: 2017, 2018.

I totally recommend Chester English Summer Programme. It was the first summer camp that mydaughter had attended and the teacher’s attention and dedication towards her helped her a lot. We believe it was an excellent experience.

Ms Begoña M., mother of Carmen. A Coruña, Spain. July 2018.

I fully recommend this summer camp to everyone that asks about it. With everything that they do and learn the price is absolutely justified. Our children’s improvement in English during the three consecutive years they have attended has been incredible, and their confidence and fluency has been achieved (amongst other things) thanks to taking part in the drama and theatre. Our children have learnt all their English thanks to the whole team in a totally relaxed and fun way - they even love their classes! Yago is currently studying in the British Council institute without any problem at all. For the children it’s the highlight of the year, and we use it as a reward and incentive for their hard work during the school year. Congratulations and please continue your work - we still have many years together!

Ms Natacha L., mother of Yago, Nacho & Mencía H. Zamora, Spain. Camp editions attended: 2016, 2017, 2018.

We left our daughter Adriana in the summer camp for 15 days, with a few doubts about whether she would be happy or not, as it was the first time that she would be away from home for so long and she hardly knew anyone. From the first day the experience was incredible - she made loads of friends and was happy all the time! We’ve been able to see her progress with English, and she is really keen to attend the camp again. She took part in lots of activities and her English fluency after the camp is excellent. It was definitely a great choice! Thanks so much to the whole team for making everyone feel like a family!

Ms Adriana O, mother of Adriana V. July 2018.

In addition to learning English, the students feel part of a team and take part in all of the activities, without anyone feeling left out.

Ms Dolores B., mother of Elisa and Higinio R. Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Camp editions attended: 2017, 2018.

It was an absolutely positive experience, both from the point of view of English language academic development, which is currently so necessary for the development of any activity whatsoever, and from a personal development standpoint. My two children will repeat the experience with no hesitation – thank you!

Ms Marta C., mother of César and Oscar S. Madrid, Spain. July 2017.

I´d like to congratulate you for this year´s summer camp. My daughter went in in tears because she basically didn´t want to go (fear of the new experience, sleeping away from home, the singing and the dancing) and she came back home in tears because she didn´t want to leave! She is talking about Chester College all the time and she´s crazy about returning next year. She admits that 1 month is the perfect stay and that 2 weeks was too short. Congratulations to the management for this ever so interesting and innovative program and to the team behind the organisation of such a magnificent experience. Thank you so much, and a special hug to Ms Veiga. My daughter talks about her at all times. Her joy, dynamism and leadership helped my daughter feel a part of the family, considering she joined the program half-way.

Ms Monica P., mother of Eva Luna S. Oleiros, Spain. July 2017.

Our daughter knew no one at the Camp and didn´t want to go and she´s made lasting friendships and would like to return next year.

Ms Esther V., mother of Celia R. Santander, Spain. July 2017.

What an incredible, top-level experience, I totally recommend it: my teenage daughter made wonderful friendships and experienced a huge learning curve, both at her English level and at a more personal front.

Ms Giuseppina I., mother of Sofía P. Villagarcía, Spain. July 2017. Camp editions that Sofía attended: 2013, 2016, 2017.

My daughter Carlota has been attending Chester Summer Camps for the past 3 years and she can´t wait for the next Camp season to start. Apart from learning English, campers carry out loads of different activities and make many good friendships. Thank you for helping them learn whilst they have fun.

Ms Carmen C., mother of Carlota A. A Estrada, Spain. July 2017.

Our son Noah spent an excellent time in the Camp again. He was very happy to be a full camper this time and he met a lot of new friends. He absolutely enjoyed the Camp and would like to come again next year. As parents we felt that our son was very well looked after.Thank you to all who helped to make this Camp such a great success.

Ms Helga D., mother of Noah D. Bonn, Germany. July 2016. Camp editions that Noah attended: 2010, 2015, 2016.

It was an extraordinary experience for my son. He has matured, thanks to contact with other children, of all ages and different cities and countries. He has spoken English, he was played sports, he has made friends, he has been happy, and of course, he wants to return next summer. It was a total success. My heart-felt thanks go to the whole Chester College team!

Miren L., mother of Juan Pablo G. (Santiago de Compostela). July 2015. Camp editions that Juanpi has attended: 2014, 2015, 1016, 2017.

When I first read testimonials from other parents, I was struck by one about a child you wanted to return home on day one, was so and so on day two, and was thrilled after day three. My son Angel called me after his first day and asked me: “Could you have sent me to a worse place?!” … Thanks to Chester´s staff, when I picked him up at the end of Camp the first thing he told me is: “I´ll be back next year”. Thank you all for this experience, it is totally worth ir, the kids have a blast, they make friends and they learn.

Ms Ana S., mother of Angel S. Cangas (Pontevedra), Spain. July 2016.

For my son, it was his first contact with English outside his High School lessons. The first day he felt strange and out of place and he asked me to please go and pick him up. The second day he said he was “so and so”, the third day he was “fine”, the forth he was “very good”, the fifth “in his best moment”, and so on. On the last day of Camp, he had made a huge amount of friends. He returned home happy and excited, his English had really taken of, and he wants to return next summer. What else could we possibly ask for? The care provided by monitors, teacher, etc. was extraordinary. Activities were very varied and fun. It was one of the best experiences he has ever had. Congratulations to Chester College´s staff.

Ana Mª A., mother of Álvaro P. A Coruña, Spain. July 2015.

For 3 years now, my youngest daughter is dying for the summer to arrive to go to Chester college´s Summer Camp. It is clear that this is the best indicator that she absolutely loves it.

Juan P., father of Leyre P (Santiago de Compostela). Camp editions that Leyre has attended: 2014, 2015, 2016.

Our son Nicholas was not too excited about going to the Camp but it proved to be a marvellous experience for him. He made lots of friends and he acquired greater fluency and competence and confidence in English. As his parents, we have felt very much at peace all the while since we could tell he was very much happy.

Beatriz B., mother of Nicolás G. July 2015. Camp editions attended: 2015, 2016.

I spent a really good time in Chester and I enjoyed all the activities and trips. I think my English improved thanks to my English teachers. I would love to come next year again. I miss you all.

Noah Darwiche, Bonn, Germany. July 2015. Camp editions attended: 2010, 2015, 2016.

The Summer Camp has been a very motivating experience from the point of view of English learning, but not only, for our son. He also had a lot of fun in the Sports programme and the outings. He made lots of friends and he really enjoyed the prep for the Camp play and show. It was overall a very enriching experience.

Ildikó O., mother of Gábor P. (Santiago de Compostela). July 2015. Camp editions attended: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

I learnt a lot and I made a lot of new friends. I liked singing and drama. Best summer camp ever.

Kyara D., Bonn (Germany). July 2015.

We chose Chester this third consecutive year for our daughter, with the aim of reinforcing her English skills. All aspects of it were absolutely positive and we will repeat next year.

Pilar D., mother of Lucia (A Quiroga, Lugo). July 2015. Camp editions attended: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

This has been my daughter´s second summer at Chester College´s Summer Camp. I think that if a child wants to repeat an experience, that´s already a positive sign. She really enjoyed it: her new friends, the many outings…, she had lots of fun. And as a mother, I feel very much at ease leaving her there. I know the children are very protected and taken care of, and that I have direct contact with Chester´s stall if there´s anything I need.

Eva Mª, mother of Candela V. (A Coruña). July 2015. Camp editions attended: 2014, 2015.

My daughter´s experience was marvellous, she learnt a great deal and she felt protected, which is something that is very important, or at least for myself as her mother, since it was a new experience for her.

Emily A. G., mother of Emily G. (Quiroga, Lugo). July 205.

Our daughter´s experience has been very good again this year. It keeps getting better. We encourage other families to trust their children to Chester College´s management and professional staff.

Mr Alfonso M., father of Sara M. Camp seasons attended: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

We believe it´s an excellent Summer Camp which we would recommend to everyone with children who want a great learning experience and to have fun. According to my children: “It´s the best thing that´s ever happened to us, mum!”.

Ms Montserrat R, mother of Guillermo & Mar C. Camp seasons attended by Guillermo: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. Seasons attended by Mar: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

You only need to see their faces of sadness when Camp ends, their tears when they say farewell to their friends, and the light in their eyes when, back at home, they talk about all their shared experiences… And our peace of mind knowing they are in the best hands. So all I can say is thank you! Hopefully, next year, not only José Miguel, Teresa and Gonzalo will return, but also Iñigo.

Ms Teresa P., mother of José Miguel, Teresa and Gonzalo. Camp seasons attended: 2012, 2013, 2014.

It was my first time when i was abroad alone. So for the first few days it was rather hard to get used to the fact that people, who were surrounding me, spoke different languages. But after some days in Chester i understood that it was very easy to speak and communicate with others. Every day i was learning many new words and it helped me a lot. I think that the days I have spent in Chester were not in vain and I definitely improved my English and even Spanish! Those days were beautiful and I would never forget them, so thank you very much for all my experiences that I got in Chester. Your camper,

Mikhail K. (Saint Petersburg, Russia), July 2014.

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my daughter for the past 2 summers, and for teaching her so many things besides English. I hope to see you again next July.

Ms. Natalia C., mother of Elia C. Camp seasons attended: 2012, 2013, 2014.

Great experience. I had an excellent time. Everything was really good and I really liked the trips out. I also made lots of new friends. We learnt English. Thank you Chester College!

Alejandro C. (Geneva, Switzerland). Camp seasons attended: 2012, 2013, 2014.

Thank you very much for everything you have contributed to our children, Guillermo and Alejandro Cruzado, who have thoroughly enjoyed the Camp this summer and who have really improved their English skills, made friends, and had huge fun in Drama.

Ms Dounia C. July 2013.

This email is simply to thank you for taking such good care of my daughter, for making these weeks so equally fun and educational. We loved the plays and appreciate the huge effort behind them. Kind regards and hopefully, till soon!

Ms Rosa M. S., mother of Olalla C. July 2014.

We sent our son to Chester College and, apart from learning English, he became an actor, all thanks to Ms Maher, the Drama director! It has been a very positive experience. Our gratitude to the whole team.

Ms Mª José C., mother of Ricardo R. (Granada, Spain). July 2014.

My children attended Chester College´s English Summer Camp 2 consecutive years. Their English, and particularly so, their oral fluency, has improved enormously. But what mattered most for them was the fun they had and the friends they made: they want to return next year!!! As parents, we have been delighted, not only because our children were so happy, but because we truly felt they were in safe hands. The experience has been worth-while!

Ms Conchi R., mother of María & Carlos R. R. (A Coruña, Spain). Camp seasons attended: 2013, 2014.

Two years ago we considered sending our daughter to the UK to spend a few weeks in an exclusively English-speaking context, but we thought she was too young. So we searched for an institution that would offer us the same locally, and, without a doubt, that is Chester College. It´s our daughters second year, and next year will be the third. If there are parents out there who are hesitant as to where to send their children to, do not be afraid! This is a great alternative to sending your children abroad; the many teachers are all native speakers and the children really do learn. Congratulations to teachers and directors alike, and thank you for taking such care of our child!

Ms Pilar D., mother of Lucía A.. Camp seasons attended: 2013, 2014.

It has been a great experience for the children. The multinational environment helps them develop their adaptation skills. They have fun and learn in a very homely setting.

Ms Maite V., mother of Maria, Verónica & Paco (Madrid, Spain). July 2014.

Despite having attended other camps, my son has defined this summer as unforgettable, his best ever! Teachers and monitors alike managed to make him feel totally integrated from day one, and to learn English whilst having fun.

Ms Leonor V., mother of Adrián R. (Santiago de Compostela, Spain). July 2014.

It´s my son´s second summer at Chester´s Summer Camp. He loves the atmosphere, the organization and it´s excellent services. Although he´s a day camper, since we live in Santiago, he says that he wants to be a boarder next year!

Ms Pilar F. P., mother of Pedro A. (Santiago de Compostela, Spain). Camp seasons attended: 2013, 2014.

A school where you leave what is most precious in one´s lives in good hands. Responsibility, education, learning and fun.

Ms Rosa A., mother of Antón & Rafael T. (A Coruña, Spain). Camp seasons attended: 2013, 2014.

Congratulations! It´s been an intense and productive month. Objectives and expectations have been met. Our son Eloy feels the Camp just flies and he gets upset when it ends. As parents, we love witnessing his motivation towards language learning. It´s our wish to continue on this path. Greetings to everyone at Chester College and thank you for your excellence, your exquisite care for the smallest details and for a warm and tailor-made service.

Ms Ana S., mother of Eloy S. (Santiago de Compostela, Spain). Camp seasons attended: 2013, 2014.

It´s been 3 consecutive years, full of good moments and wonderful experiences. They learn English and have fun; it´s just great.

Ms Susana C., mother of Sergio & Alejandro F. C. Camp seasons attended: 2012, 2013, 2014.

Thank you so much for taking the time to show us about your school and your art projects in English. I really appreciate the school´s kindness for showing us your facilities and education activity. I am convinced that students will be happy to learn in such a nice environment surrounded by trees and green plants. It was very enjoyable to have tea time with the staff. I have learned many things from your teachings and will surely reflect into my study papers.I promise to send you my final research report on our trip to Spain before the year is over! I hope we can keep in touch to exchange information and teaching.

Yasuko Fujii and team, Education Faculty, Oita University, Japan. September 2013.

“Dear Chester College students and faculty, we want to thank you for your presentations to us regarding your school, your home and your pedagogical approaches. It was very informative as well as fun. We really appreciated the wonderful breakfast and lunch. The walk to your campus was very beautiful. It was a pleasure to meet your students and to see your high standards of excellence! Best wishes and super thank you!”

Britanny Abercrombie, Wendy Freeman, Ashley Swartz, Samantha Ferguson, Tyler Branham, Alex Nikias, Andrew Jones, Mary Helfeldt and Brett Stewart, with accompanying teachers Ms Lisa Douglas and Mr Matthew Conley — Ohio Dominican University visiting group, 2012.

Our son Vicente´s experience in Chester College English Summer Camp has been very good; it met all our expectations. We found a very adequate and convivial environment in terms of learning and leisure, which was a step in his personal development. We greatly value the experience, the rigour and the professionalism behind the excellent organisation.

Vicente S. L. Camp seasons attended: 2012, 2013.

Spanish International Summer Camp

I've gone to Chester for 4 summers now and each time has been an amazing experience. The people there ae so hospitable that it almost feels like a second home. It's a wonderful learning opportunity too, not just for different languages but different skills too. The excursions and other outings are great fun and make really great experiences with friends. The friends I've made in camp are some of my best friends. There's a sense of comradery amongst your peers that you probably wouldn't get even in school. The food there is really nice too, very rarely did I have a meal that I didn't enjoy. Camp is just an amazing experience in general, no matter what age you are or what languages you speak. I would definitely suggest going to Chester if you're given the opportunity, chances are you won't regret it.

Tadght R. Dublin (Ireland). April 2021.

My kids had a blast! They enjoyed the activities very much. They liked the Spanish lessons and loved their teachers !. They said that they are certainly coming back. From the parents point of view: I couldn’t have chosen a better camp for my children .This was their first time away and I was bit nervous. The Staff took care of each of my children’s needs, they knew each well, and made sure they were happy at all times. They also made sure my picky eater ate; thank you for that! Regarding the academic side of the camp I am also very satisfied. The teachers identified their strengths and weaknesses and gave them level appropriate material to help them improve in those areas. Although they were in a group the program was adapted to their individual needs. I loved that! A big thank you to all the staff and teachers of Chester college , it was a pleasure. See you next year!

Ms Paola A., mother to Faisal and Marianna Al K. (Oman). July 2014.

By word of mouth we heard about this college in Santiago de Compostela where kids good learn Spanish. Although we had never met someone who had their kids previously enrolled we took the plunge this summer and enrolled our 16 year old daughter to improve her Spanish for her upcoming IB exam. 4 weeks seems a long time to be away from her but she was immersed in Spanish and that is what we wanted. The daily schedule was well organized, teachers knew what my daughter needed to learn, identified her strengths and weaknesses. They also made sure that all the kids had enough fun activities as well. As parents we loved the play “Hamlet” they performed at the end of the summer camp in Santiago town, and were impressed (although it was in English) by the performance of all students. Thank you to all the staff who made this Summer camp successful.

Ms Frouke van A., mother of Jitske van A. (Holland). October 2014.

“Our son Noah spent a great time in Chester last summer. In the morning he learnt Spanish and in the afternoon he enjoyed all fun activities with his English and Spanish speaking playmates. He specially liked all sport activities like swimming, riding, tennis, soccer and baseball. Chester created a wonderful learning environment combining language and fun activities. During the camp he made a lot of new friends. All campers prepared the musical “Sister Act” and performed it for all parents and brothers and sisters. This was an unforgetable evening. Noah wants to return next year. Greetings!”

Helga D.: mother of Noah D., Munich, Germany. 2010.

“It was a really nice experience. Not only did I learn Castellano as a language, but I had a terrific time meeting a lot of new friends. I also experienced neat and different kinds of field trips. I would love to return for another summer experience “

Khasara L., Florida, USA. 2010.

“Upon enrolling my granddaughter at Chester College for the summer program, I was thoroughly impressed with the reception from the staff, the daily schedule which was highly organized. I felt extremely comfortable that my granddaughter was in an enjoyable learning environment being immersed in Spanish. I continue to recommend this experience to others”

Agartha G,: Khasara Lewis´ grandmother, 2010.

Chester Mini Camp

My son attended the Mini Camp during the month of July and left delighted. He wanted it to last longer. And we are very happy with the way that Chester works and how attentive they are with our son and ourselves.

Pablo M, father of Máximo M. July 2020.

We are very pleased with Chester College. My son enjoyed it greatly, he made friends and learned English. The exterior grounds (of the camp) are fabulous and the teachers and the team are sweet. We will repeat without a doubt!

Ana G, mother of Carlos R. July 2020.

André wants to return and it is his second time! He had an amazing time and he even sings songs that he learned during Camp. He has made good friends and we hope to see them all next summer.

Mar L, mother of André R. July 2020.

My child went to the Chester mini camp during the month of July and it was a great experience for him. Even though he was the smallest, the camp transmitted a great deal of security and trust to us, as parents we are very happy and grateful for it.

Cecilia B, mother of Juan N. July 2020.

Our children have spent some stupendous days at the MINI Camp. We will come back with out a doubt!

Edith B, mother of Ciro & Jaime G. July 2020.

A thousand thanks for the camp this summer, something that was so necessary for the children this year. They needed the trees, the sun, the pool, sports, music, and of course to make new friends and meet once again old friends. It has been organized greatly with special attention to the children at all times! They always want to return!

Patricia R, mother of Iago, Udane & Noah M. July 2020.

This was an excellent opportunity to enjoy vacation with a fantastic English experience, with teachers of a very high caliber, and having a good time with all of the organized activities. We are very happy.

Cecilia V, mother of Lara & Lisa F. July 2020.

It was a wonderful experience. We had our doubts since our daughter is only 3, but the staff's implication turned it into a success.

Luis F., father of Lisa F. July 2019.
Una experiencia genial. Teníamos dudas al ser una niña de solo 3 años pero la implicación del personal hizo que fuera un éxito. Recomendable.

Chester´s MINI Camp has been my daughter’s source of joy and wonder! She enjoyed it immensely and she has learnt a lot of English, in a beautiful frame, with extraordinary teachers with a passion for education. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a program in which their children WILL learn in an environment with teachers who are filled with love for what they do.

Yolanda M., mother of Noa A. July 2017.

I wanted to say that Millie greatly enjoyed the camp, particularly taking part in the musical. Thank you for all your work and have a nice holiday!

Sasha V., mother of Millie M. July 2017.

There is no better way to start the summer holidays: a month-stay at the MINI Camp for Iago and Udane is a bucket of joy and a reward after 9 months of hard work at school. Thank you to the team for their amazing effort!

Patricia R., mother of Iago and Udane M. July 2017.

We were very happy with Chester´s MINI Camp. Our son had a lot of fun and he made good use of this time there. He now dares to build sentences and some nights he has asked us to read hims stories in English. We have also linked he school environment, our daily and friendly contact with his teacher, and in general, with all of Chester College´s staff. It has definitely been a good experience for him and he has already asked us whether he can return next summer.

July 2015

This is the first year that my daughter attends the summer camp and were are happily surprised at the results obtained and at how integrated she was. We will be back next year!!!

Paula L., mother of Adriana L. July 2015.