Does Chester College International School cater for campers with special diets?

Yes. Chester College International School caters for campers with special diets, prescribed by a doctor or religious reasons. Please let us know your child´s needs when you fill in the camper’s registration form.

Resident Campers

I have been told that campers should bring a formal outfit to Chester College. Is that so?

Yes. Campers are encouraged to bring a more formal outfit to the Camp, for the End-of-Camp Concert. The Drama Director might need specific campers to bring a certain prop or costume for the show. Chester College International School will contact parents to ensure that they bring the correct items.

I don't know what my child should pack for Camp. Could Chester College provide a list of clothes and materials, to help us in the process?

You can download a list of recommendations regarding suitable clothing and other materials for the camp here.

Can parents visit campers?

Yes. Parents, if they so wish, may spend Sunday with their children. For organizational purposes, there is a fixed pick up and return point and time. Families receive a Welcome information package before Camp starts with this information.