Chester College's flagship English program is aimed at campers aged 8-17 and has been running successfully since 1985. In July 2022, we will be running its 37th edition - bring it on!

Our main aim has remained the same throughout the years: to offer young people a rich, educational & fun experience whilst they develop their English skills in an immersive environment.

The Camp’s dynamic methodology includes engaging and interactive English classes, an exciting Music and Drama component and a varied and fun sports and games program, in addition to multiple outings and trips. The use of English is actively promoted in all spheres. 

We pride ourselves on our personal attention: the average camper-teacher ratio is below 7:1. Through this small ratio we are able to maximise student’s exposure to and interaction in English.

The mix of nationalities present in the camp also makes for an invaluable intercultural experience, whilst ensuring that English remains the common language.

Participant ages:

Chester College’s Chester English Summer Program is geared at children and teenagers aged 8 to 17.

Junior Camp: 8-12 years

Senior Camp: 13 -17 years

We have a specific English immersion program for 3-7 year olds: the MINI Camp.

2022 Dates

Chester English Summer Camp has 2 different strands: Residential (Boarding) and Day.

Dates for the 2022 Chester International English Summer Program are the following:

Boarding Participants

  • Full Program: July 3-30
  • Session 1: July 3-17
  • Session 2: July 17-30

Day Participants

  • Full Program: July 4-30
  • Session 1: July 4-16
  • Session 2: July 18-30

Camp Fees:

2022 Camp fees will be published shortly.


Please fill in an online registration form per camper here.

As soon as we receive your child’s registration form our end, we will get in touch with you to confirm your place in the Summer Program and send you both our banking details, to proceed to Registration Fee payment, and other practical welcome information.


Do check what other parents and campers have written about their experience here.

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Boarding Participants

The boarding strand of Chester College´s International English Summer program includes:

  • More than 80 weekly hours of English immersion, including a daily (Mon-Friday) program entailing oral English sessions, Music, Drama, public speaking and a wide range of intensive linguistic activities.
  • Accommodation in Chester College’s residential facilities (separate male/female houses, supervised by dorm-parents)
  • Full board: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and morning and afternoon snack
  • Daily recreational, sport and cultural program on and off campus. Sports may include: football, baseball, swimming, waterpolo, volleyball, introduction to surfing, horse-riding, amongst many others
  • Separate program of evening activities: talent shows, treasure hunts, “Discover Santiago” games, competitions, arts & crafts, themed parties… & more!
  • Saturday & Sunday trips to areas of educational and recreational interest in the region of Galicia
  • Preparation and full staging of an End-of-Program Musical and a showcase after Session 1
  • Preparation for Trinity College London examinations (GESE, ISE) – Full Program campers only
  • Use of course materials
  • Weekly laundry service
  • Progress Report at the end of the Camp
  • Airport / Train Station transportation & pick-up service to and from the Camps (optional)
  • Permanent, 24:7, staff supervision, care and assistance

Day Program participants

The timetable for Day participants in Chester College’s International English Summer program is the following:

  • Monday-Friday: 09:15-18:30. Two times a week special out-of-campus activities may stretch up to 21:00. These activities are communicated to parents, in advance, via information letters handed in to the parents at pick-up.
  • Saturday: Full-day outing.


The Program’s Day strand includes:

  • More than 50 weekly hours of English immersion, including a daily (Mon-Friday) program entailing oral English sessions, Music, Drama, public speaking and a wide ra
  • Daily recreational, sport and cultural program on and off campus. Sports may include: football, baseball, swimming, waterpolo, volleyball, introduction to surfing, horse-riding, amongst many others
  • Saturday full-day trip, to an area of recreational & educational interest in the region
  • Preparation and full staging of an End-of-Program Musical and a showcase after Session 1
  • Preparation for Trinity College London examinations (GESE, ISE) – Full Program campers only
  • Lunch and morning & afternoon snack
  • Use of course materials
  • Progress Report at the end of the Camp
  • Permanent staff supervision, care and assistance

Our Staff

Our teachers are native speakers of English, carefully selected, highly qualified and experienced in English teaching or in their respective specialised field. We also count on a team of enthusiastic native English-speaking monitors and team leaders.

The average camper:teacher ratio, including all specialised staff, is below 7:1.

English Programme

English in action is the Camp’s motto: the use of English is promoted as a communication tool in all Camp spheres (lunch canteen, trips, sports…), and not just in the classroom.

Participant’s level of English is assessed on day one, and they are assigned to a specific class group based on language level and age.

The English Language classes are interactive and collaborative, concentrating on developing all skills areas (speaking, reading, writing, listening), with special emphasis on oral and communication skills.

Trinity College London exams

Would you like to certify your level by taking an official English language test this summer?

Chester English Summer Program participants who are with us for 4 weeks (full programme) may optionally prepare for and sit a Trinity College London language test at the end of their stay:  GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English)or ISE (Integrated Skills in English). These exams are officially recognised, and formally certify the various levels (A1-C2) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

GESE exams come in 12 levels (which may be  and they test oral skills. They are particularly suited for children aged 8 upwards.

ISE exams entail the 4 traditional language components: Speaking & Listening and Reading & Writing. These two different modules may be taken in two different exam sessions. In Chester College, we typically recommend these for children and teenagers aged 12+.

Trinity College London language diplomas are internationally recognized and do not expire.

Chester College was the first official Trinity College London examination centre in Galicia and has been conducting exam sessions since 1992.

Drama and Music

Music and Drama constitute an essential component of Chester College’s English Summer Program. They not only strengthen communication and public speaking skills but also develop student’s creativity, self confidence and personal development.

Campers prepare a full staged Musical throughout the duration of the Camp, which is enthusiastically performed before families and friends before the final goodbyes. Previous editions include stylised versions of The Little Mermaid (2020), I’m in a Fairy Tale, get me out of here! (2020), Aladdin (2019), School of Rock (2018), Beauty & the Beast (2018), Matilda (2017), The Wizard of Oz (2017), West Side Story (2016), Annie (2016) Snow White, 12 1/2 Dwarves and 2 Fairies (2015), Hamlet (2014), Romeo and Juliet (2013), Shrek (2012), The Blues Brothers (2011), Sister Act (2010) and Grease (2009), to name just a few! You may find trailers of recent performances in our Vimeo account here.

A showcase is also performed before the families of leaving participants at the end of Session 1 (mid-program).

Sports and Activities


For at least 2.5 hours a day campers participate in a variety of sports activities including football, swimming, basketball, volleyball, water polo, uni-hoc, baseball… Once or twice a week campers leave Chester College to take part in exciting, longer outdoor activities including canoeing, introduction to surfing, horse-riding, aquapark outings, and more.

Activities vary weekly and we cannot guarantee that a certain activity will happen on a certain fortnight, since most are reliant on weather conditions.

Social and Cultural Activities

Walks in the old part of Santiago, visits to museums, exhibitions, attending concerts and shows as well as shopping trips are all an integral part of the exposure to the culture of the city.


Every Saturday and Sunday there are trips to the incredible beaches nearby and to places of historical and cultural interest in both Santiago the Compostela and the region of Galicia.

Evening Activities (Resident Campers)

A varied daily program which includes cultural visits, competitions, talent shows, karaokes, arts and crafts, concert prop and decorations making, themed parties, etc.

Meals and Nutrition

Chester College has its own kitchen, where meals are prepared daily from scratch. Meals consist of 2 courses and a dessert. They are supervised by teachers (who have lunch with the campers) and auxiliary staff, who encourage both good table manners and the use of English.

Campers also receive a morning and afternoon snack (normally a drink and a small sandwich or piece of fruit)

The Camp caters for campers who have special diets for religious or health reasons.

Boarding Facilities for residential campers: with us 24:7!

For our residential participants there are two separate school residences (a girls’ residence and a boys’ residence), with rooms for 2-3 campers in each.

Camp participants are accompanied by dorm-parents at all times, who strive to create a homely, safe and caring environment.

Families receive a list of guidelines with regards to Camp clothes and personal equipment. The Camp also offers a laundry service, so clothes will need to be adequately named or tagged. You will be duly informed about this and other bits and pieces upon registration.

Our son Noah absolutely enjoyed the Camp and would like to return next year. As parents we felt he was very well looked after. Thanks to everyone who helped make this Camp such a great success.
Ms. Helga D.- Mother of Noah D. Bonn, Germany.

Our 15 and 16 year old daughters have really enjoyed themselves from the first moment. After 2 days they were regretting not having signed up to go to the camp for the full month. They have made friends from different countries who they have kept in touch with, and it was a really enriching experience.
Ms. Ana N.- Mother of Ana & Sara G. Ferrol, Spain.

It has been a great experience for the children. The multinational environment helps them develop their adaptation skills. They have fun and learn in a very homely setting.
Ms. Maite V.- mother of Maria, Veronica & Paco. Madrid, Spain.

Thank you very much for everything you have contributed to our children, Guillermo and Alejandro, who have thoroughly enjoyed the Camp this summer and who have really improved their English skills, made friends, and had huge fun in Drama. 
Ms Dounia C.- mother of Guillermo and Alejandro. Zurich, Switzerland.

Would you like to find out more about Chester College´s International English Summer Program?

Participants are encouraged to register as soon as possible as places are limited. All applications are treated on a “first come, first served” basis.

If you have any questions or specific concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to assist you.