Preparing for the Christmas season

Christmas is right around the corner, and at Chester College, we were not willing to overlook this wonderful occasion.

Over the past two weeks, the students of Chester have done various things in order to give the school a very unique Christmas spirit. For instance, a few of the students volunteered to help build the «Belén», or the nativity scene. This is a very popular tradition among Europeans. It consists of a small recreation of the town of Bethlehem when Christ was born. The students of Chester went on a field trip to see a nativity scene created by a family in the town of Conxo. The same family has built this nativity scene for about 70 years! It is truly worthy of visiting.

Another remarkable event that took place this Thursday was a special lunch in order to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Many teachers who aren’t usually here for lunch joined us. Afterwards, the students performed Christmas carols, such as Hello Reindeer (sang by the younger children), Silent Night and Hark! The herald angels sing in front of all the teachers.

In addition to the decorations and small celebration, the students, with help from the Philosophy and Spanish History teacher Don José Antonio, decided to assemble a video in which each student gave their best Christmas wishes.

Christmas is a time in which love truly stands out. We must look at this holiday season as a way to remember all the people who have been at our side throughout our lives, as well as the wonderful moments shared together. It is a time to be grateful for our family, our friends, and our loved ones. At Chester, we wanted to make this event stand out and fill everyone’s hearts with joy and blessings.

 Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year from the Chester family!

– The members of the Writing Club

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