¡Hasta siempre, promoción del 2016!

We spent most of our time at school, and some of us, including myself, even lived here. Chester College has become our home – even though we still missed our families. I feel we are now brothers and sisters, and even the teachers played the role of our parents, somehow. Like in every family, we love each other, we cry and sometimes, only sometimes, we hate each other too. But now the time has come for 2 of the school´s older sisters to leave home and fight for the future we want.

I hope that one day in my life someone will be able to tell me that thanks to me, they did not give up pursuing their dreams. And that is what I need to tell you now: because of my teachers, the school directors, my mother, my father and my friends, I have not given up on my dreams. Thank you.

Thank you for showing me that this is not the end; that this is indeed the beginning of something new, something big, something bright.

I spent a large part of my life waiting for this moment to arrive, and this moment is here hugely thanks to all of you. At the end of the day, family is all that matters.

– Paula Ferreiro (Grado 12), intervención en el Acto de Graduación. 21 de junio de 2016.

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