2016 New Year resolutions

After a three-week holiday, it is time for the students and teachers of Chester College to come back to school and get back to work. Fresh from the vacation, the students of Chester are ready to take on the 2nd trimester of the school year. Fortunately, everyone seems full of energy and excited to learn new things and get back to the routine. In addition, this year holds many new things! For example, there is a new girl from A Coruña in the girl´s residence!

Many students have spent some time during the holidays thinking about how to improve this year. These are some of the goals some students have set for themselves:

Paula Ferreiro, the new 12th grade student decided that her goal for this year was: “I would like to improve my English in order to be able to pursue an acting career.” Although she’s from A Coruña, she has lived in different places such as Florida, Los Angeles, and Madrid hoping to expand her knowledge of acting.

Another 12th grader, Iris Melero, told us that the most important thing for her was: “I want to surpass my school abilities in order to have more options when choosing a university”. Iris, who dreams of being a Primary school teacher, wants to have many options available when selecting a university. She aspires to attend a university where she’s able to try new things as well as major in her dream career.

Santiago Rosón said: “My goal for this year is to use my study time wisely and to be more punctual.” As a resident, he is obliged to attend the study halls every afternoon. Santiago is determined to work harder this trimester in order to improve his grades.

Although the students have had a period of relaxing, they are ready to take on the challenges this New Year holds. With goals ranging from improving study methods to increasing their grades to get into top universities, the students seem prepared to give the best they can in order to succeed. Good luck Chester students!

– Ali Amaro (Writing Club ´16)

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