“I think moving to a different country, to children to a different school… Those are big decisions to make. Clearly there was an amount of nervousness about how the children would settle in, would they enjoy it? But, when we arrived, those concerns disappeared, from the very first day the children settled very quickly and were very happy to be here. They made friends very quickly, which helped and any issues that were raised in the first few weeks were quickly resolved. It was an easy process to settle in. Communication with the school and the teachers was fantastic. Right from the very first moment of making contact, coming for a first visit, getting to know the School, learning about the curriculum… all was very clear, if there were any doubts, the communication was very quick and effective and it carried on in that way after joining the school. It’s been a very positive experience.”

– Dr. Anwen Elias, Wales, UK. USC’s Department of Political Science and mother of Gwen, 8 and Osian, 3. January 2020.

“Our son studied  three years in Chester College (Grades 10-12) and we couldn’t imagine a better place for him for such stressful (for him and us) teenage years!!! We are so thankful to all the staff members of Chester College for their great cooperation, deep understanding, strong support, high professionalism and responsibility, must have discipline and school organisation and management!!! They helped him a lot in preparation for college entrance.He found there everything he needed for it, so it ended up with full scholarship in a prestigious US University. No need to explain how happy we are!!! Great respect and gratitude to everyone in Chester College for their hard and well done job !!! Special thanks to our son’s tutor Ms Veiga!”

– Liubov Tunagur, mother of Esat Tunagur (class of 2015), Economics and Philosophy graduate from SOKA University (USA). Full scholarship. Istambul, Turkey.


“My name is Artem Baglikov, I’m from Russia and I was an international student here at Chester College for 2 years. My overall experience was very good. the teachers are very lovely here, the staff is great, the Director… there is just a very lovely atmosphere here. Specially the food is very good. I spoke almost no Spanish when I arrived – it soared over 2 years. I’ve just finished my final exams, I don’t know my marks yet but I overall trust everything went great, so thank you very much to this place they helped me to prepare, and now I’m off to a new phase, a new life, and university. Yes: thanks a lot to Chester College”.

– Artem Baglikov, Russia. Class of 2020. Psychology undergraduate at the University of Valencia.


“Undoubtedly my favourite aspect of studying at Chester College was the chance to study two different education systems simultaneously. This is something that makes the school unique, since it enables students to keep their options open to a wide range of opportunities for university. Moreover, although this may seem as a great amount of work, the teachers make sure that each student has a personalized timetable and choice of courses that best suits their future aspirations. Studying at Chester has definitely helped me get to where I am now. In fact, studying two different high school systems enabled me to apply to universities in both the UK and Spain. Moreover, throughout the application process, the teachers were extremely helpful and advised me constantly. Academically, the skills I learnt at Chester are helping me constantly at university. I often look back to my notes from Math and Physics and remember the important time management and study skills we learnt at school”.

– Alejandra Amaro Patiño, Vigo, Spain. Class of 2018. Computer Science and Mathematics student at the University of Edinburgh (UK).

“Our family lived in beautiful Santiago de Compostela for six months and attending Chester College was a very rewarding experience for Millie, our daughter. Attending the summer camp in July was a rich and fun experience for her and helped familiarise her with the school and some of the staff and students before the term began. Millie quickly settled in when school term started, thanks to the caring staff and personalised teaching. Millie’s Spanish came along very quickly from socialising with the other children, and she enjoyed the school’s small, family-like environment, the expansive gardens to play in (particularly beautiful in Autumn), the amazing lunch time food and all the fun of preparing for the Christmas play. As a family we were very grateful to be welcomed so warmly into the school community even though our stay was a short one, and we sincerely hope we can return for a visit one day!”.

– Sascha Villarosa and Dennis McNevin, parents of Millie (Grade 1, class of 2017), Australia, May 2021.

“Having the possibility to study High School in Chester College implied a radical turning point in my academic career. I had never felt so welcomed by a faculty who cares so much about you and is aware of all your needs. The opportunity to have a team of people around you who have your educational growth and personal development as goals, to bring out the best in you, is what makes Chester College unique. The range of options that they offer you, such as being able to study in two educational systems simultaneously, opens up opportunities for you towards university that you could not even have imagined, and thus, being able to choose between the best option for oneself. Thanks to them I was given the option to decide whether to study at an American university or stay in Spain, where I am currently, studying Computer Engineering at the University of Salamanca. Without a doubt, the school is a great family; the staff sees us grow and leave as stronger individuals, thanks to their support and trust in us, I could not be more grateful for all their effort and support.”

– Carmen de Santiago Iglesias. Ferrol, Spain. Class of 2018. Currently studying Computer Science at the University of Salamanca (USAL).

“Living abroad for six months have been quite an adventure for the entire family. As soon as our daughter started at Chester College, it was clear that she felt safe around the teachers and the other children. Even though she did not understand the languages, she quickly became a part of the class and began to play with the other children. The language of play and fun is universal for kids, and no words are needed. The activities both in class and during play time have challenged her, but at the same time been adapted to her level in regard to language and learning skills. We were particularly excited and a bit concerned about how she would handle to be a part of the annual Christmas Play. From being shy and hesitant in these activities back home in Norway, she really bloomed and enjoyed the experience. This shows how secure she felt and how the school manage to build up the confidence level in the children. Our daughter came to Spain knowing only a few words in English and nothing at all in Spanish. She quickly understood that there was no use in speaking Norwegian. Her quiet-phase at the beginning of the term ended quickly, and she began to communicate with simple words in both Spanish and English. She used some time to observe the languages and silently learn, and as she felt confident enough, she suddenly started to speak sentences and communicate without any problem. As us parents only spoke English (and Norwegian), we could not practice the Spanish with her at home, and her English skills increased faster than the Spanish. It was hard and a bit frustrating for her to retell what she did at school, as she did not necessarily know the Norwegian words and the English and Spanish skills were not good enough in the beginning. It helped a lot to talk with the teachers about their activities during the day, such that us parents could help and was prepared when she wanted to tell something she had experienced. This experience has been nothing but positive for our daughter and us parents. The challenges with the languages were never too big for here to handle. During her five months at Chester College, she has grown quite a lot. Support from home is important. Prepare them that it will be a bit hard in the beginning, but encourage the children to have fun at school.  Engage in their activities and make home a place to relax and a place to talk about good and bad experiences during the school day. We would definitely repeat this experience.“

– Thomas & Hilde Brustad, parents of Victoria (Kindergarten – 2019/20 School Year), Norway. December 2020.

“A welcoming and family-like school, with very personalised attention for each and every student and small classes where sometimes students from different grades mix, thus promoting empathy amongst the eldest and maturity amongst the young. Very qualified staff and high level of English. Lunch is served daily in the beautiful dining area, just as one would at home. Food is home-made and deliciously cooked by chef Pilar. Families are lovely and friendly and there is a very tight-knit community. We definitely recommend it!”.

– Cristina Marx, mother of Adam (Class of 2018) and Stefan Marx. April 2021. Adam is currently studying at Erasmus University, Rotterdam.


“My son joined Chester College when he was 12 years old, and this school setting witness both his academic and personal growth until he finished High School, two years ago now. He is now studying 2nd grade of Engineering, he is doing very well academically and above all he feels confident and happy and full of dreams and goals! I recommend the school to all parents who want to have a slightly more personal education, a bit like the way “the children of the Nobels” are schooled! In a small school where you might reach a certain level in a specific subject, and if you want to continue with a higher level because you can: you can go for it, because you have a teaching staff that will encourage you to do so. The learning does not stop at a certain point. You stop where you want to stop. The teaching staff encourages you and helps you, also in the are of life values, ​​which I believe is essential nowadays. From the first pillar of the School, the person who picks up the phone, to the person who fed my son, everything has been a positive influence and input; an impulse that has made him a much better person. Whenever someone asks me what school my son went to, I always tell them about Chester with enormous pride. We hope mankind progresses, and that certain things do remain the same, and that we hopefully continue having schools like this”.

– Mª del Pilar Díaz, mother of Keko L. Díaz (class of 2019). Keko is currently an Engineering student at Alfonso X El Sabio University in Madrid.

“Values education, bilingualism, curricular adaptation to the needs of every child… Words that sound wonderful: so easily written yet so hard to put in practice. As a mother who is passionate for her children, as a psychologist and as a coach, and as a lover of formal and informal education, I try to apply all of these concepts in my day-to-day life, yet find myself constantly making mistakes. I would like to think that it is not a personal problem but rather a sign of the task’s inherent challenges. Task which I considered impossible until I had the amazing luck of bumping into Chester College’s educational project. A project in which the unconditional and tremendously respectful involvement of the school’s Head and founder in the education and development of each student impregnates everything that is done in those beautiful and magical school grounds. A project in which the lives of each of the pupils lie at the very center, and where there is constant prejudice-free questioning of the “whys”, in order to find solutions in permanent collaboration with parents. I am one of those who thinks that words are carried off by the wind and a project written in print by educational gurus is meaningless if the people behind it do not live it or feel it in their own skin. My children were only in Chester College for an academic year, due to our recent move to Munich, but the impact this educational project has had in myself and specially my 2 children (Marko, 4 years, and Uxía, 5 years of age) will last a life time. This is the reason why I want to thank you for everything you have done for these 2 little people who melt my heart and who wake me up every morning with a smile. I heartily and daringly invite whoever is reading these lines to make a point to visit and get to know the school and its staff. And for those of you who have already decided to travel in Chester College’s boat, I wish you the best of journeys!”.

– Alexia López del Río. Santiago de Compostela, Spain. December 2016.


“As parents of Carla Daniela, having enrolled our daughter in Chester College during 3 full school years, and everything deriving from that decision, constitutes one of our most pleasant memories we have as a family from our time in Santiago. It is difficult to determine the support, not only academic but also personal, that “the Chester College family”, and especially its teachers, knew how to provide Carla. Living in another country and adapting to a new environment, even more so considering that our stay in Santiago de Compostela was temporary, was not an easy task for us. The integration to an altogether different environment allowed us to value the support, the guidance and the joy with which they received us and welcomed us in the School. The years  went by, some difficulties appeared, but none stronger or greater than the joy of sharing and studying with wonderful students from other countries and regions of Spain, as well as learning from the best and most experienced teachers. This integration, complemented with national and international tours, has allowed our daughter to acquire an additional bonus to the skills and knowledge obtained through her studies. There is no doubt that the School’s physical environment, its wonderful and peaceful green campus, has helped to develop and enhance our daughter’s personal virtues and talents. We are very grateful to everyone in Chester for being part of numberless stories and anecdotes that we have taken with us and cherish from our time in Galicia”.

– César Augusto and Alexandra, parents of Carla Daniela Tamayo (Class of 2015). Quito, Ecuador. October 2015. Carla is currently a Law Graduate (Deans List) from the San Francisco University in Quito, and is currently working and specialising in International Relations.