After Elementary School, our educational journey continues along the Middle and High School programmes (Grades  7 to 12 in the American system).

Chester College International School (CCIS) has a stable local student base and from Grade 7 onwards, it also opens its doors to boarding students, both from other parts of Spain and across the world.

CCIS offers an American college-preparatory values-based quality education. Credits taken at CCIS are automatically transferable to other American schools. Similarly, transfer systems apply to other educational systems in Europe and the rest of the world.

The school´s language of instruction is English or English + Spanish, depending on the student´s goal and language level.

CCIS has a proven success record in official college and university entrance examinations. Its graduates have been accepted at universities of their choice in Spain, the US and all over the world.

CCIS is an official The College Board SAT ® and AP ® examination center and prepares students for both types of exams.

If you are a prospective student reading this section, CCIS may be right for you if you wish to:

  • Maximize your grades and qualifications with a view to meeting the requirements of the universities of your choice.
  • Be granted a High School diploma and a Spanish “Título de Bachiller”.
  • Benefit from a rigorous and motivating American curriculum.
  • Learn or improve your Spanish up to Advanced level.
  • Improve your English and enhance your academic English skills.
  • Prepare for an international language examination (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, Trinity College London, Instituto Cervantes).
  • Enjoy a mind-opening cultural experience.
  • Be a part of an international educational community that places every student at the center of their educational journey.