At CCIS, our focus is on ensuring all of our students achieve to their maximum potential.

Main features of our educational project:

  • Rigorous  educational program, aimed at identifying and developing each students’ knowledge-base, skills and talents.
  • Integrated, flexible American-Spanish curriculum taught by dedicated, highly experienced teaching staff.
  • English and Spanish as core languages of instruction, the percentage of each being dependant on the student’s language level, with the overall aim of reaching a 50:50 balance. The school can cater for students with no Spanish. Additional, optional third language instruction (Galician, French, German) is also offered.
  • Dual qualifications upon graduation (end of Grade 12): the American High School Diploma and the Spanish Título de Bachiller
  • Active methodology, that aims at both students’ “learning by making” and optimal management and use of school time.
  • Transversal promotion of creativity and students’ individual forms of expression. Emphasis on Music and performing arts.
  • Daily Physical Education sessions as part of every student’s schedule: mens sana in corpore sano.
  • Very personalised attention for every student, though small classes with an average of 12 student per class. Regular emission of Progress Reports and periodical student-parents-teacher meetings.
  • Intensive preparation for University-entrance exams, namely the Spanish EBAU and the American SATs and APs. Optional preparation for international universities’ individual admission requirements. Chester College is an official The College Board ® test center.
  • Christian Catholic ethos, founded on the core values of self-betterment, responsibility and respect towards others. Openness and welcoming attitude to all spiritual outlooks or none.

Expectations for student-learning:

Our expectations for student-learning include:

  • To achieve a firm grounding in all academic spheres – sciences, arts and technology – through an internationally recognized study program, assisting entry into courses of higher education and into the world of work in any country.
  • To reach a high level of linguistic proficiency in mainly Spanish and English, as an indispensable means of international communication and understanding.
  • To achieve greater educational depth and develop higher order thinking, through the inclusion of new subjects and learning strategies.
  • To develop self-motivation towards learning as well as diligence and sound study skills and habits.
  • To reach autonomy, self-direction and accountability in the students’ learning process.
  • To develop initiative and creativity through the search for answers and solutions to new situations.
  • To achieve a solid appreciation of the linguistic and cultural heritages of Spain and Galicia.
  • To achieve a healthy physical condition through age-adjusted physical education.
  • To advance in local and global understanding, recognizing the values and needs of all countries.
  • To instil a life-long love of learning.

US-Spain Grade equivalences

Chester College International School offers the U.S. school curriculum as well as the official Spanish program. Please refer to the chart below to see the US-Spain Grade equivalences:

American Educational System

  • Pre-K
  • Kindergarten
  • Grades 1-5
  • Grades 6-8 (Middle School)
  • Grades 9-12 (High School)

Spanish Educational System

  • 1º – 2º Educación Infantil
  • 3º Educación Infantil
  • 1º – 5º Educación Primaria
  • 6º Primaria – 1º-2º ESO
  • 3º ESO – 1º-2º Bachillerato


The objectives for student learning are pursued through active learning and individual and group work, in classes with small numbers. Students are encouraged to apply previous and new knowledge to problem solving, and taught to analyze, synthesize and critically evaluate information given.

As far as is possible, students are helped to learn through experiment. The College sets out to make optimum use of digital technology for educational purposes.

Teaching Staff and Tutor System

Our professional staff are highly qualified and dedicated. The teaching staff comprises English-speaking and Spanish teachers.

There is a tutor system through which each student is given personal advice and helped to develop fully his or her personality and potential.

Examinations and Assessment:


Students and their families receive monthly reports with evaluation grades and detailed teacher comments highlighting progress and challenges. Final examination grades are given at the end of the academic year.


Appropriate High School students are entered for a variety of external examinations:

  • SAT and AP exams
  • American College Entrance Tests
  • Students who successfully complete Grade 12 and meet the Spanish official requirements may be entered for the Spanish University Entrance Exam (Selectividad)

Since 2014, Chester College International School is an official SAT and AP examination centre.

All students will be expected to take an external language exam, administered by the following internationally-recognized institutions:

  • Instituto Cervantes DELE (Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language): Inicial, Intermedio and Superior
  • Trinity College London: Examinations in Effective Communication
  • Trinity College London: GESE and ISE
  • University of Cambridge, UK. Examinations in English. TOEFL.