Early Childhood & Elementary Education

If you wish to obtain more information about this educational option for your child, kindly get in touch with us by phone at +34 981 819160, Monday to Friday, preferably from 10 AM – 2 PM.

Alternatively, you may fill in an Application Form, and we will get in touch with you, by phone or Skype/Facetime, to give you further information, address all queries and discuss your child or children´s case. Whenever possible, we will suggest arranging a visit to Chester College.

The registration process entails: 1) Filling in the corresponding Registration Form for new students, 2) the payment of the Registration Fee, 2) the presentation of all documents required (specified in each case).

The school accepts ongoing applications. The Admissions Department is open year-round except for August.

We periodically organise information sessions and Open Days. If you are interested in coming to you, kindly let us know and we will keep you posted.

Middle & High School Applications

Kindly get in touch with us by phone at +34 981 819160, Monday to Friday, preferably during office hours (10 AM – 2PM). Alternatively and, additionally, fill in the online Application Form. We will get in touch with you by phone or email, to find out more about your case, answer all queries you may have, and request some additional information about your child´s academic journey (typically, school reports from the last 2 academic years).

After this first contact, we will suggest arranging an interview at Chester College with the student and his/her parents. When a personal interview is not possible, due to geographical circumstances, the same may be arranged by phone or videoconference (Skype or Facetime).

On interview day, the applicant student might also be asked to take some tests, to assess level at various subject areas.

Up to 2 weeks after the interview, the School will get in touch with the family with an Admissions decision. The family will, in turn, get in touch with Chester College to inform the school about the decision made.

The Registration process entails the filling up of the Registration Form for New Students, the payment of the Registration Fee, and the submission of all necessary documentation.