Writing Club presentation

Writing is a phenomenal way to express our emotions and transmit our ideas to others. In addition, writing can help us improve our knowledge of languages, assist us to be better thinkers, and open new worlds to us. Although it is sometimes strange to believe, we use writing in almost everything we do! Would it be possible to progress as a society without writing? Well, the truth is that it is extremely difficult to transmit our knowledge to others just by speaking. For instance, the Bantus in Central Africa had griots, or storytellers, who would pass on their knowledge to others through tales. Although some narratives lived on to modern times, many of them either changed over time or disappeared completely. Writing things down is a much more secure way of preserving our stories.

At Chester College International School, a group of students decided to create a Writing Club in order to contribute to the school blog. After getting the approval of the school principal, Alejandra Amaro, Mateo López, Santiago Rosón, Iris Melero, and Paula Ferreiro began the club. In order to organise the club, each person was assigned a role:


Alejandra Amaro – Chief Editor

Mateo López – Secretary

Santiago Rosón – Photographer

Paula Ferreiro – Researcher

Iris Melero – Interviewer


The Writing Club meets every Tuesday in order to brainstorm and set tasks for each person. Blog entries are written in English and Spanish in order for students to be able to improve their writing abilities in both languages.

All in all, writing is the gateway from the world of thoughts to the physical world. It is a way to express our beliefs, viewpoints, and knowledge. Whether we write down letters, words, or even numbers, writing is essential in order to organize and record our ideas. Unlike the Bantus, we decided that we would write our own stories. Welcome to our blog!

– Alejandra Amaro


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