Excitement and caution are two key words that have defined the start of this unusual 2020/21 school year.

Excitement at the very much desired get-togethers between students and teachers, after 6 months of virtual contact. Excitement too at the prospect of being able to continue articulating our mission: to help develop and educate people, accompanying them in their learning journeys, day in and day out. Seeing each other’s faces. Working together (together is better).

Caution that is articulated through a health promotion plan that, beyond the rigorous application of the various measures, namely mask use, class bubbles and security distance maintenance, aims at making the most of the school’s green premises, located in an open, ample, natural space, surrounded by forest.

This academic year, the School has continued to consolidate sports and physical education as an integral pillar of its educational project: Mens sana in corpore sano. All students have daily P.E. & games sessions as part of their regular schedules. Weather permitting, these classes take place outdoors.

Another essential pillar of the school’s project – foreign language acquisition through language immersion – is also often articulated through outdoor sessions, often via games and play, particularly so in the Early Learning & Primary grades.

The school has also taken new steps this school year to partially develop its STEM (Science, Technology & Engineering) program outdoors, using the school’s natural surroundings as classroom topics and subject matters.

Taking stock after 4 weeks of school, we feel we have paved the way and started a very enriching year, despite the Covid-19 -related complexities. Let us touch wood!


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