Thanksgiving at Chester College

Today is Thanksgiving – a festival that is celebrated each year in Chester College. Many people only know Thanksgiving as it’s the day that falls before the now very popular Black Friday. However, this important festival dates right back to the year 1621, far pre-dating the very modern tradition of Black Friday!

The first Thanksgiving was a celebration of the harvest in Plymouth, Massachusetts. English settlers had arrived there the year before and endured a very cold, harsh winter. The food supplies they brought with them from England were insufficient, and they owed their survival to the kindness of the local Native Americans, who gave them food and taught them how to plant crops. Months later, when they collected their first harvest, these first settlers gave thanks to the Native Americans by inviting them to share their feast.

Nowadays, Thanksgiving is the most important date in the American calendar. On this day, families all over the country sit down together to enjoy a meal, and consider what they are thankful for in their lives.

Chester College International School is an American school in Spain. As such, we love this festival too and celebrate it by sharing a huge turkey dinner together! In class, the children have considered what things they are grateful for. The chance to go to school and get a good education, their families and their friends always feature highly on their lists. It’s important to make time in life to take a step back and appreciate how fortunate we are.

What are you most thankful for on this Thanksgiving?


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