Life of a boarder at Chester College

Did you know that you can board at Chester College? We have residential facilities just next to the school, which enables both international students and students who live in different areas of Spain and Galicia to come and be part of our school community at Chester College.

Why board?

Boarding School offers an experience like no other – the chance to fully immerse yourself in a different country and make international friendships that will last a lifetime. It is arguably the best way to prepare yourself for university and adult life, as it gives you a chance to become independent and used to living away from your parents, whilst still in a structured environment with support from teachers and mentors.

Life at Chester College

Our boarders at Chester College are lucky to live just up the road from the magnificent city of Santiago de Compostela – a designated UNESCO world heritage site since 1985. The wider area of Galicia, with it’s beaches, mountains and amazing, green countryside is also on our doorstep. Our weekend activity programme of trips and excursions enables our boarding students to take advantage of their location, and recent visits have included the chance to go on a guided tour of the historic old town of Santiago, explore the rooftops and crypts of the world famous cathedral, (and see the world’s biggest incense burner swing from the roof!), relax at the beach and also go and see our local football team play!

Exploring Spain at Chester

In Spain there are a fair few bank holidays called ‘festivos’ which usually mean a long weekend. These are a great opportunity to visit some other cities and areas in Spain! So far this term we have visited Barcelona, where our boarders got to see the amazing Sagrada Familia, wonder around Las Ramblas and try some delicious tapas. We’re off to Madrid in a few weeks, with Granada, Porto and London on the cards for later on in the year!


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