Advent Concert

On Thursday, December 1st, Chester College held its annual Christmas Advent Concert. This year, the concert was advanced due to Ms. Webb´s early departure. The students of Chester College International School worked really hard during the weeks preceding this event, by practicing the songs, attuning their abilities with the violin, and getting a PowerPoint presentation ready.

When the day came, everything was ready and, despite some minor issues, the students performed astonishingly well. Parents had the chance to see the fruit of their kid’s labor by means of the great songs the choir sang: “Oh What a Special Night”, and “Away in a Manger”; their performance with the violin; their fluent narrative about Christmas; and a well performed play called “¡Ábrele tu corazón!” (Open your heart).

Chester’s High School girls also performed Christmas carols such as “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” and “We Three Kings”. Meanwhile, the boys helped Don José Antonio prepare the Power Point presentation. Additionally, Antonio Araújo, Hafsa Salih, Mateo López-Junquera and Alejandra Amaro helped with parts of the Christmas narrative.

The concert came to an end with the performance of “Joy to World” by both Elementary and High School students. Moreover, Ms.Webb surprised the entire audience by performing a Christmas carol a capella.

Overall, the concert was a success. We were lucky to be able to start Christmas with such a joyful event. We hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!

– Mateo Emilio López Junquera (Writing Club)


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