Chester Spanish Summer Camp aims at providing a full educational and recreational experience for young people aged 7 to 18, during the summer holiday period, with an emphasis on the acquisition and development of the Spanish language.

A unique and enjoyable international summer experience: a rich Spanish language course, with small dynamic classes and a major emphasis on language use and interaction, combined with numerous activities (Sports, Music, Drama, leisure and cultural outings), where international campers mix with Spanish children and teenagers, all within a safe, homely and fun-filled environment.

The promotion of international understanding, intercultural awareness, responsibility and respect to oneself and others are also key learning objectives, which run parallel to the improvement in linguistic ability.

Chester College strives to achieve these goals through a varied program of educational and recreational activities.

2019 Camp Dates

Resident Campers

  • 30 June – 28 July: Full Camp
  • 30 June – 14 July: Half-Camp 1
  • 14 – 28 July: Half-Camp 2

Day Campers

  • 1 – 28 July: Full Camp
  • 1 – 14 July: Half-Camp 1
  • 15 – 28 July: Half-Camp 2

Traditionally, and until the year 2000, Chester College Spanish Summer Camp was a 4-week programme.  In recent years, the 2-week Mid-Camp modality was introduced, to cater for younger campers as well as diverse family circumstances.

Chester College still considers four weeks to be the ideal Camp duration, insofar as it allows for full attainment of certain Camp objectives, including  full participation in the End-of-Camp Musical.

International resident campers who are not picked up by their families after the End-of-Camp concert, the evening of Sunday July 31st, are kindly requested and encouraged to book their flights home Monday July 31 to make sure they do not miss the final show. (Campers: you really do not want to miss it!)

It was a really nice experience. Not only did I learn Castellano as a language, but I had a terrific time meeting a lot of new friends.  I also experienced neat and different kinds of field trips.  I would love to return for another summer experience.
Khasara L.- Camper, USA.

What does the camp include?

Chester Spanish Summer Camp has 2 different strands: Residential and Day.

Our camp includes the following for both our Day and Resident campers:

  • Language classroom program (Monday-Friday): 15 sessions/week (1 session: 50 mins)
  • One daily Music session
  • One daily public speaking & Drama session
  • Daily recreational, sport and cultural program on and off campus
  • Morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack
  • Use of course materials
  • Saturday full-day outings
  • Accident insurance
  • Progress Report at the end of the Camp
  • Permanent staff supervision and assistance

Resident Campers:

Apart from the above activities, our Resident Campers can also count on:

  • Accommodation in Chester College’s residential facilities (separate male/female houses, supervised by dorm-parents)
  • Separate program of evening activities
  • Airport / Train Station transportation & pick-up service to and from the Camp
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and morning and afternoon snack).
  • Weekly tours and trips around the region at weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Weekly laundry service

Day Campers! A transport service to and from Santiago city centre, as well as a Breakfast and Early Arrivals Service (08:00 – 09:15), are available for a supplementary fee. Please contact us for more information.

My kids had a blast! They enjoyed the activities very much. They liked the Spanish lessons and loved their teachers! They said that they are certainly coming back. From the parents point of view: I couldn’t have chosen a better camp for my children .This was their first time away and I was bit nervous…
Ms. Paola A.- Mother of Faisal and Marianna, July 2014

Spanish Programme

The Spanish course is tailor-made for the specific needs of campers, following an initial level assessment test and previous information provided by the camper.  Campers are distributed into groups depending on language level and age.

The language programme essentially communication-focused: the aim is for campers to enjoy the learning of their new language and use it!

It overall aims at meeting the linguistic competences specified at the different levels of the DELE (Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language). DELE are the only official and internationally recognized diplomas in Spanish. They are issued by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Campers have twenty 50 min. Spanish language and culture sessions per week (four daily sessions, from Monday to Friday), in which they are encouraged to develop and enhance their communicative skills in context and with their interests in mind.

Our Staff

Teachers are native speakers of Spanish and are carefully selected for their qualifications, experience in teaching Spanish as a Second Language, and their communicative and pedagogical abilities.

All classes are small, with an average teacher: student ratio below 1:7.

4 weeks seems a long time to be away from our daughter but she was immersed in Spanish and that is what we wanted. The daily schedule was well organized, teachers knew what my daughter needed to learn, identified her strengths and weaknesses. They also made sure that all the kids had enough fun activities as well. Thank you to all the staff who made this Summer camp successful!
Ms Frouke .- Mother of Jitske, July 2014

Drama and Music

Music and Drama constitute an essential component of Chester Spanish International Summer Camp. Both constitute an ideal framework in which to foster communication and public speaking skills, creativeness, memory and personal development, amongst numerous other areas.

In Drama campers study Performance Skills and the Process of rehearsal. This includes investigations into different genres and the style, form, staging and technique they each incorporate, in addition to technical skills actor adopts in the realm of voice work, characterization and stance. To enhance contextual understanding we explore both improvised and scripted work with further development into the creation of costume/set design and its importance to denote symbolism and mood within each piece.

This all sounds really serious but believe us: it is great fun!

Campers prepare a Musical throughout the duration of the Camp, which is enthusiastically performed before families and friends before the final goodbyes. Previous editions include stylized versions of Hamlet (2014), Romeo and Juliet (2013), Shrek (2012), The Blues Brothers (2011), Sister Act (2010) and Grease (2009), to name just a few!

Sports and Activities


For at least two hours a day campers participate in a variety of sports activities including football, swimming, basketball, volleyball, water polo, uni-hoc, baseball… One or two days a week campers leave Chester College’s premises to go on special outdoor activities including canoeing, introduction to surfing, horse-riding, aquapark outings, and more.

Activities vary weekly and we cannot guarantee that a certain activity will happen on a certain fortnight, since most would be reliant on weather conditions.

Social and Cultural Activities

Walks in the old part of Santiago, visits to museums, exhibitions, attending concerts and shows as well as shopping trips are all an integral part of the exposure to the culture of the city.


Every Saturday and Sunday there are trips to the scenic seaside beaches nearby and to places of historical and cultural interest.


Chester College has its own kitchen, where meals are prepared daily under the supervision of a paediatrician. Meals consist of 2 courses and a dessert. They are supervised by teachers (who have lunch with the campers) and auxiliary staff, who encourage both good table manners and the use of Spanish.

Chester College additionally provides morning and afternoon snacks for all campers (normally a small sandwich or a piece of fruit, as well as water).

Residential Facilities

For our Residential Campers there are two separate school residences (a girls residence and a boys residence), with rooms for 2-4 campers in each.

Campers are accompanied by dorm-parents at all times, who strive to create a homely, caring environment.

Evening Activities (Resident Campers)

A varied daily program which includes cultural visits, competitions, talent shows, karaokes, arts and crafts, concert prop and decorations making, themed parties, etc.

Our son Noah spent a great time in Chester last summer. In the morning he learnt Spanish and in the afternoon he enjoyed all fun activities with his English and Spanish speaking playmates. He specially liked all sport activities like swimming, riding, tennis, soccer and baseball. Chester created a wonderful learning environment combining language and fun activities.
Ms. Helga D.- Mother of Noah.

Would you like to find out more about our Spanish Summer Camp?

Our campers are encouraged to register as soon as possible as places are limited. All applications are treated on a “first come, first serve” basis.